Who We Are


In the late 1980s, a series of informal groups of secular San Antonio-ans laid the groundwork for the organization that would eventually become FACT. One of these discussion groups were started by Ms. Catherine Fahringer and the other by Ms. Beni T. Dean. Ms. Fahringer's discussion group and Mr. Dean's book club joined forces to form the nucleus that ultimately became FACT. Together, the groups adopted a set of Rules & Bylaws on September 17, 1990, marking the official beginning of the Secular Humanist Association of San Antonio (SHASA). Then, on January 1st, 1999, the membership elected to change the name to the Freethinkers Association of Central Texas (FACT) and amended the bylaws to reflect that decision.


FACT provides an environment in which critical thinking individuals can freely share their beliefs, thoughts and experiences. We do this through a series of informative meetings, for which we bring in guest speakers from a wide range of disciplines. Past topics have included human trafficking, women’s rights, feminism as it relates to secularism. and issues concerning the separation of church and state. FACT members strive to increase public awareness of the benefits of freethought and support causes that employ reasoned and scientific solutions to serious problems. We are strong proponents of the separation of church and state and improvement of public education. FACT members challenge the encroachment of religion into federal, state and local governments and eliminate all discriminations and limitations placed upon our civil liberties. FACT Members provide fellowship and the opportunity to learn, discuss, and share freethought information through the distribution of incisive educational materials and focused guest-speaker presentations. FACT members sponsor community projects that provide assistance and support to those in need.

"Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion." — Jon Stewart